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Use market data and competitor insights to quickly analyze the potential return on investment of any rental arbitrage property

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Key Features

Revenue Estimates

Get a market-based instant revenue estimate for your vacation rental property


Compare your property's rates and occupancy against the market and understand where you could do better

Competitor Analysis

Analyze your competition so you don't get left behind by looking at their future rates and occupancies, as well as listing details

Price Checks

Ensure your listing prices are aligned across platforms

What Do I Get?


See where your property stands against the local landscape and learn where you can make meaningful adjustments to your pricing, positioning, and strategy so you can increase your occupancy and improve your return.


Instantly calculate the potential return of a property based on the local market performance. Discover which property sizes, price points and occupancy rates will lead you to break even or turn a profit.

Comparable property insights

View similar properties nearby and compare pricing, occupancy, rates, and listing settings.

Pricing Checks

Automatically compare prices across Airbnb and Vrbo and easily identify dates with discrepancies so you can fix them. Make sure that every booking is a profitable one!

Easy calendar sharing

Seamlessly integrate your calendars and bookings into one simple interface you can automatically share with your team.

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Felipe M.


Excellent app. As investors, it really helped us understand the overall market and helped us create a more accurate business plan.

Andrea C

Host - Pura Uvita

Hostology's Airbnb-Vrbo price comparison check helped us catch a pricing error that would have cost us thousands in lost Airbnb bookings.

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Our Toolset

Airbnb and VRBO property benchmarking and competitor analysis dashboard

Property Benchmarking and Competitor Analysis Dashboard

Market Data, Pricing, Competitor Analysis

Competitor Summary - Occupancy, Rate and Listing Setting Insights

Competitor Summary - Occupancy, Rate and Listing Setting Insights

Competitor, Occupancy, Benchmarking

Airbnb and VRBO property benchmarking and competitor analysis dashboard

Market Dashboard - Airbnb & VRBO Market Analytics and Statistics

Market, Investment Analysis, Rental Arbitrage Analysis

Airbnb and VRBO property benchmarking and competitor analysis dashboard

Market Segment Deep Dive & Revenue Calculator

Market Insights, Invesment Analysis, Rental Aribtrage Analysis

Airbnb and VRBO price comparison - Price Parity Check Tool

Airbnb and VRBO Price Parity Checks


Listing Occupancy Calculations compared Against Market Average Occupancy

Occupancy Reports & Benchmarking

Occupancy, Pricing

 Short Term Rental Return On Investment Calculator

Short Term Rental Return On Investment Calculator

Market, Investment, Arbitrage

Upcoming Reservation Summary and Calendar Automation

Guest Reservation Summary and Team Sharing

Calendar Automation

Competitor Property Insights: Daily Rates over the next 12 months

Competitor Property Insights: Airbnb Daily Rates

Competitor Insights, Benchmarking

About Us

With the rise of home-sharing and vacation rental listing platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, operating a vacation rental business has never been more accessible. Hostology is built to allow anyone to run their vacation rental like a pro, from new owners looking to break into the market to experienced teams with dozens of properties.

We want to empower you with tools, data, and competitor insights that will give you a competitive advantage. We put data on your side for a price you can afford, so that every decision you make is backed by facts instead of guesswork.